This section gives a brief profile of the leading Mathematicians from the Ancient Greeks to the present day. It is still being developed and if you want to include a mathematician please email me at [email protected]

A more comprehensive site is the St Andrews “MacTutor History of Mathematics” website at the following URL:

An Episode in the History of Soviet Mathematics by Mark Saul

Alembert 1717 to 1783

Cauchy 1789 to 1857

Arthur Cayley 1821 to 1895

Cramer 1704 to 1752

Descartes 1596 to 1650

Euclid 300BC

Fermat Last Theorem

Hamilton 1805 to 1865

Minkowski 1864 to 1909

Schwarz 1843 to 1921

Seki 1642 to 1708

Sylvester 1814 to 1897